4 Elements Determine Your Inner Strength

Inner strength is a combination of elements that bring strength from within to help people control their inner self, overcome all difficulties, bring peace and actualize what we believe in and pursue. 
Our lives are not only shaped by things we want, but largely by the challenges we face. Whatever challenge you choose, the strength can help you avoid any harm that may come and overcome them, that is inner strength. 

The elements that create the inner strength include:
1.     Mindfulness
Mindfulness is a mental state in modern psychology and in Buddhism. Mindfulness helps people to control their own inner self through observing thoughts and inner emotional currents. Practicing mindfulness is a method of mind control, healing the soul to feel true happiness.
Happiness is not a destination but a process. A clear mind, a healthy and happy soul every day is the fulcrum for the strength from within.
2. Energy
Human energy is created in two forms, physical energy and mental energy. Physical energy is formed through biochemical reactions of the body during exercise and nutrient absorption. However, it is the strength coming from mental energy that we should focus on. Mental energy will resonate with physical energy and bring us a kind of power that can go beyond what we can imagine.

3. Inner Driving Force

Inner driving force is an extremely important element of internal strength because it pushes us to take action. Inner driving force is expressed in the form of: Dreams, goals, passions, desires... In which, dreams are the biggest driving force that pulls people forward and takes action to perfect themselves to complete and fulfill all the plans they intend.


4.  Adversity Quotient (AQ)
 Adversity quotient (AQ) measures a person’s ability to cope with difficulties and adverse circumstances. It is also commonly referred to as resilience which demonstrate how a person reacts in the face of life's difficulties, from minor daily troubles to more serious stress or pressure at work and in life.
AQ can measure a person's level of ambition, effort, creativity, energy, physical health, emotions, and happiness. It is also an indicator of four levels of life courage: 1. Facing difficulties 2. Turning the situation 3. Overcoming adversities 4. Finding a way out.
AQ can be practiced and improved. That is also the reason why we can completely build and develop our inner strength. One of the most effective ways to increase your AQ is to challenge yourself to exercise your willpower and bring out qualities like perseverance, determination, and courage. These are the core qualities that create your inner strength.
Source: tom.edu.vn