10 Simplest Things To Inspire People

Inspiring and creating positive influences on people around you, in your community and society is something anyone wants.  Let's start with the simple and friendly ways that each of us can do to be able to create positive influences on others.

1. Smile: Your smile can create the same response from people who are talking with you. When you smile, you are creating a positive energy affecting those around you that will make them smile too.

2. Be positive: When you think, present and communicate with a positive attitude, your energy will direct people around you to think from the positive perspective and direction you are spreading.

3. Give genuine compliments: Recognizing and paying compliments to someone when they do good things will create extremely positive energy. However, just feel and express your genuine feelings so that people can feel the genuineness of your compliments.

 4. Challenge others: If you only agree with every given opinion, you will not help others to think more deeply, and to challenge them to overcome their limits.  By creating a little challenge, you are helping people to activate their potentiality.

5. Encourage creation: Creativity can be nurtured by many factors, sometimes it’s unrelated to the career or project you're working on. Encouraging people to approach and participate in many different arts will help our creativity “sprout”.

6. Share ideas: If you share different perspectives and approaches, from an original idea, it will become better and more feasible. When you share an idea, you can both create an amazing moment for people and help them to implement an idea that is cherished before.

7. Teach: Education is the most powerful weapon. Don't forget that the best teachers are the people we meet in our lives
If you are good and expert in something, just use your strengths to teach others. You will not be able to fully imagine the influence of what you have just done. It is an immeasurable power.

8. Mobilize: Together moving forward to a meaningful community project is the best way to inspire people.  However, with anything, don't just talk, you have to get involved and start working first.

9. Step out of your comfort zone: Extraordinary is not in your comfort zone. If you just do ordinary every day, how can you inspire people? Sometimes, we need to get involved in things that are different from normal, and things that are beyond people's imagination and thought to make differences and influences on people.

 10. Pay it forward: There is nothing better than helping people. Whether the process is fast or slow, more or less, you are creating influences on others with your own actions.

At ITL, we are making efforts to create an inspiring and positive working environment for all ITL members via the activities that encourage ITL-ers to step out of their comfort zones to create new values; Encouraging creativity and idea sharing via ITL Innovation Award contest; Training, sharing, advising about relevant knowledge are held regularly; Recognizing the contributions and efforts of ITL members and rewarding them for these efforts, ... In addition, ITL finds the importance of being a teacher, a mentor of ITL members to help other ITL members to be better and to grow.
Mr. Zul, Chairman of ITL Corporation said: “Each of us must be a teacher and mentor”. In ITL, being a mentor is the highest honour we can give to someone and that is why the chairman personally awarding the mentorship award to those who effectively embody this spirit and value.

*Source: Facebook Nguyễn Phi Vân