Airlines Cargo GSSA

Operation and Administration
While operations and administration may be downstream in an Airline’s operation, this inevitably is another key aspect that can significantly contribute to the success of Airlines businesses in this market.
ITLAVS has a team of operators equipped with local know-how and is well versed in international regulations to support these back end process of our Airlines representation.  Cargo operations and handling are being carried out in strict compliance with Principal Airlines’ policies and to conform against local handling procedure and IATA regulation. Our well trained and IATA certified operation team takes it very personal to ensure that all cargo we received is properly managed and executed till they are loaded on board an aircraft. 
Quality of handling and security are among our top focus to give Airlines peace of mind in meeting more stringent demand from industry as security becomes a key concern in the Airlines industry. 
Highlights of ITLAVS operations and administration services:
  • AWB stock management and allocation
  • Cargo supervision and documentation (inbound and outbound)
  • Weight balancing/ Load control by certified staff
  • Transfers and transshipments
  • Irregular / Claim processing
  • Airlines and IATA Compliances
Sales and Marketing
Sales and Marketing is the forefront of any businesses and at ITL Aviation Services, we recognized this key element as one of the most important aspect in the success of any prospective Airlines to extend their services into this region.
ITLAVS provides a dedicated sales-driven team to our Principal Airlines in the execution of sales and marketing activity. Our team consists of very knowledgeable individuals who have over the years built excellent contacts within the cargo industry and are trained to comply with strict Airlines identification and policies.
As a true partner for Airlines we represent, ITL Aviation Services understands market trends and increasing demand from customers as the industry evolved with cost effective solutions without compromising service levels. 
Highlight of ITLAVS Sales & Marketing Strategies:
  • Market research and assessment
  • Establish Distribution network
  • Market penetration initiatives
  • Promotion and Branding
  • Yield and space optimization
  • Local resource commitments / targets
  • Professional booking & reservation services
  • Comprehensive Sales report
  • Quarter Business Review with key agents (QBR)
  • Continuous improvement initiatives